Déjà vu

You’ve been here before. We have.

Our new digital environment capture has been honed to a tee. We offer services whereby we scan and photograph a location or a set and recreate a photo-real, three dimensional set for use with match move, VR, CG BG replacements and much more. We can provide a turnkey service delivering the right data you need, specifically for the VFX and Games markets.

Typical deliverables include:

Images below are typical passes you can achieve from a final VR set:



Ambient Occlusion

 Please get in touch for rates and tech specs.

A PDF with key facts will be available to download from here soon.


Quick Release Offset Head

We’ll also be manufacturing a quick release head for your tripod, which will enable a quick change of scanner and DSLR maintaining the same optical centre. The product is in final stages of prototyping.