About Us


Alexis Haggar

Effects Director

Graduating from Bournemouth Film school, heading straight into the industry, Alexis pursued a career in Special Effects. Gaining a broad range of skills in floor effects, prop and model making, prosthetics and miniatures. As the Special Effects industry transitioned into digital effects, so did Alexis. He established Lexhag in 2009.

Annie Gordon

VFX Producer

Annie joined Lexhag early in 2016. She’s worked across commercial, film and broadcast for clients such as Nike, Burberry, National Geographic, BBC, ITV, Discovery and Disney. She was proudest to be the overseeing VFX Producer on The Hobbit Trilogy for Peter Jackson. She misses NZ but loves London too much!

Ken Turner

Animation Supervisor

Ken is an award winning VFX supervisor with 20 years experience in computer graphics. A polymath with one foot rooted in art and the other in programming. He has a wide range of experience from motion capture performance to digital sculpture and also lectures at Falmouth and Ravensbourne University.

David Fisher

2D Compositor

David began his VFX journey at Bournemouth University, graduating with a distinction in Digital Effects in 2012. After travelling for a year and working as a freelancer, David joined Lexhag as a core member of the team in early 2014 working on shows such as The Halcyon, Jericho, and Poldark.


Toby Matthews

VFX Coordinator

Toby came to Lexhag from Imaginarium where he’d worked his way up the ladder as a Production Assistant. A graduate of London Film Academy (Post Zoology degree!) he is technical, friendly and has a meticulous attention to detail in the studio, keeping any project on track.

Dwayne Green

Apprentice ATD

Dwayne is the newest member of the Lexhag team. An apprentice student at Nescot College Surrey, he is one of only ten students on the first ever VFX apprenticeship scheme run in the UK.